“I don't play the music, the music plays me” - David Mancuso Streetwear brand The Salvages returns with their AW22 "Songs of Experience" collection. American Disc Jockey David Mancuso is featured in this collection, he was well known as a host of "by invitation only" parties in New York City, later on renamed "The Loft". The Loft was the first location for an underground dance party. Mancuso has been a record collector since he was a teenager, and his first Klipschorn speaker was purchased when he was just 21 years old, which explains why he is well-equipped for parties.

Among the items in this collection are t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks, some of which feature a photograph taken by Allan Tannenbaum, which is then transformed into artwork by Naoto Yoshida.

The Salvages AW22 “Songs of Experience” is available to purchase online at or click here.