Cleo Necklace

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Editor's Notes

CLEO NECKLACE comprises lapis lazuli chips. In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was the near-exclusive property of Cleopatra. Known as the Queen’s Stone, lapis lazuli is truly a gem of confidence, it attunes you to your sovereignty and ability to be an open channel of wisdom, vision, and clarity.

Details & Care
  • Materials: Lapiz lazuli, dyed shell, hematite, sterling silver & stainless steel hardware
  • Treat your piece gently, as every piece of KYMA is made of delicate materials such as natural stones & pearls
  • Avoid contact with water, moisture, and chemicals to prevent the hardware from tarnishing
  • Wipe with a soft cloth and keep in an airtight container after each wear

37,5 - 44 cm